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Endoscope Repair Service, Flexible Endoscope Repair, Rigid Endoscope Repair, Endoscope Sales, Endoscopy Video Equipment Repair, Power Equipment Repair, Dental Equipment Repair, Phaco Handpiece Repair, Fiber Optic Equipment Repair, Tee Probe Repair, Transducer Repair, Surgical Instrument Repair

Surgical Repairs International (SRI) specializes in endoscope repair, including flexible endoscope repair and rigid endoscope repair. Other endoscopy equipment repairs and surgical instrument repairs include: endoscopy video equipment repair, power equipment repair, dental handpiece repair, phaco handpiece repair, tee probe repair, fiber optic equipment repair, biopsy forcep repair, surgical instrument repair, transducer repair. SRI also specializes in endoscope sales, including used endoscopes and pre-owned endoscopes, as well as new flexible endoscope accessory, flexible endoscope leak testers, fiber optic light cords and flexible endoscope alignment wrenches.